Prime Focus Athletes

Prime Focus Goalkeeping offers the best goalie gloves on the market and now we want to branch out and reach athletes beyond our sport as well. The Prime Focus Athletes community is an online space designed for athletes of every sport to grow, learn, and share together. The purpose of the community is to provide athletes, of every age, the resources necessary to be successful both on and off the field (or court). 


The purpose of the athlete community is to help each player develop and realize their full potential. One way we go about that is to provide the necessary resources to spark learning. Our resources include vital information on essential topics like mental health, nutrition, financial literacy, and more! All are 100% free and readily available for every athlete within our community. These are the basis for learning and discussing within our community. We also provide a space to share important experiences, whether young or old, in order for players to feel a necessary community connection. As much as we are all individuals, we develop best in a community setting!

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"Sport is designed to be a tool that helps prepare kids for real life, not just life in sports" - Mike Clayton, manager of the National Coaches Education Program for USA Wrestling.

“Mental health is not a very easy thing to talk about in sports. It’s not perceived as very masculine. We’re so trained to be “mentally tough,” in sports. To show weakness, we’re told, in so many words, is to deserve shame. But I am here to show weakness. And I am not ashamed.” - Mardy Fish, US Tennis Player


Our paid courses offer athletes the opportunity to go in-depth on a variety of subjects. All courses are offered in a self-directed, group, or individual format. Currently, our flagship course is the Cerebral Athlete Training Program. This program is a mental strength course geared towards helping players become more mindful athletes. It is a six-week course that covers a variety of important topics crucial for athlete success. See the video beside to get a sense of our program and click the link below to learn more!