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The idea behind the name first came about while thinking about the needs of a goalkeeper, regardless of age or skill level.  Whether you are a high-level international goalkeeper or just playing for fun in your local men's league, you will need one key attribute in order to be successful on the field: FocusWithout absolute Focus there leaves room for mistakes to creep in and as goalkeepers, we know that mistakes can lead to goals more so at our position than any other on the field.

That is what makes the goalkeeper position so PrimeIt is one of the key positions on the field and requires an elevated level of courage in order to be successful.  The goal for Prime Focus Goalkeeping is to encapsulate the important attributes of the goalkeeping position and represent them through the brand. 

A clever definition of prime
OUR Owner:  Brandon Miller
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  • Born in Toledo, Ohio.

  • Raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • 4-year letter winner at University of North Carolina Wilmington.

  • 2009 CAA Champion.

  • 2011 First Team All-CAA.

  • Professional goalkeeper w/ Rochester Rhinos, Orange County Blues, Harrisburg City Islanders.

  • 2015 USL Champion, Goalkeeper of the Year, First Team All-USL.

  • 2020 Goalkeeper of the Year finalist and Second Team All-USL

"My vision for Prime Focus Goalkeeping is to provide the best goalie gloves and develop a brand from the ground up focused on instilling confidence in goalkeepers, both on and off the field."

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