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Prime Focus Goalkeeping is proud to unveil the Aura goalkeeper gloves, designed to provide goalkeepers the aura of confidence they need to perform on the pitch! These gloves aren't just about standing out; they're about inspiring a sense of command and exceptional performance within the penalty area.


Unparalleled Grip and Control:

The magic lies within the palm, featuring premium Pro+ Contact latex. This industry-leading material offers unmatched grip on the ball in all weather conditions, whether you're diving for a wet save or securing a scorching strike in the midday heat. Experience the sticky sensation that elite goalkeepers crave, instilling trust and control with every touch.


Negative Cut Goalkeeper Gloves for a Second-Skin Fit:

The Aura goalie gloves boast a negative cut construction, seamlessly wrapping your fingers in a tight, comfortable embrace. This precision fit maximizes your feel for the ball, allowing for unmatched responsiveness during saves and throws. The double-wrapped thumb further enhances this secure feeling, providing a natural extension of your hand for exceptional ball control.


Command the Box with Confidence:

The breathable pineapple SBR flexible backhand keeps your hands cool and dry during the most intense matches. This lightweight material ensures maximum flexibility for powerful throws and dynamic movements in goal. For enhanced security and a customizable fit, the Aura Pink features a removable wrist strap, allowing you to find the perfect level of support for your individual needs.


Professional Quality for Unparalleled Performance:

Developed and rigorously tested by professional goalkeepers, the Aura goalie gloves come equipped with a specially designed silicone punching zone on the backhand. This innovative feature empowers you to deliver thunderous punches with superior power and accuracy, leaving attackers guessing and the ball firmly out of harm's way.


Don't settle for mediocrity. Elevate your game and radiate confidence with the Aura goalkeeper gloves. Order yours today and experience the unparalleled performance that professional-grade technology delivers.

Prime Focus Aura

    • Sizes 6-11. Check out our sizing guide to help you make the best decision.
    • Washing your goalie gloves on a regular basis will extend the life of your gloves. For instructions on washing your goalkeeper gloves, check out this article.
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