To show our support for the ongoing Breast Cancer Research Efforts, we put out a special edition of the Locus Pro in pink!  A great way to show your support on the field and the best pair of pink goalkeeper gloves you can find.



  • Professional quality 4 mm extremely soft latex on the palm which provides amazing goalkeeper glove grip
  • Super soft 3mm new latex on backhand w/ neoprene mesh
  • Gecko Roll/Expanse cut for a larger catching surface area and a tight, comfortable fit
  • NEW! Firm gel punching zone for improved control and protection
  • Goalkeeper gloves with finger protection (removable)
  • Full latex wrist strap to provide comfort as well as security
  • Adult goalkeeper gloves & kids goalkeeper gloves


Best goalkeeper gloves on the market! Afforadable goalie gloves that won't cost you quality.

Locus Pro BCAM

    • Sizes 6-10
    • Washing your gloves on a regular basis will extend the life of your gloves.
    • Performs best in dry, firm conditions.
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