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The most stylish negative cut goalkeeper gloves on the market, check out all the details below.




  • Designed and tested by professional goalkeepers, these negative cut goalkeeper gloves perform at every level.
  • Durable adult goalkeeper gloves or kids goalkeeper gloves built to sustain the demands of goalkeeper training and games.
  • Affordable goalie gloves that are stylish yet won't break the bank. 


What are our goalkeeper gloves made of? Find out below. 


- All-weather black German contact latex highlights the palm of this glove. It gives you the stickiest possible goalkeeper glove grip in all weather conditions. A quick pre-wash before the first use and subsequent washes afterward will keep the palm sticky and durable!


- Similar to the Pivot Gold, these reverse/negative cut goalie gloves are ideal for goalkeepers looking for a snug fit around the palm and base of the fingers with a little bit more flexibility at the tips of the fingers.  The mesh on each finger as well as in between the thumb/index allows for optimal finger movement. These gloves do not feature removable finger protection. The roll finger on the thumb will give you the most control while gripping the ball!


- Supersoft 3MM latex makes up the majority of the backhand.  It is extremely comfortable and aids in the snug fit around the backhand/palm.


- A simple yet effective simple wrist strap w/gel tab has been added to give a secure fit on the wrist.  We expanded the velcro area to give you more decisions on how tight or how loose you would like to strap your glove!


- Free glove customization is available! (No refunds are available once gloves are customized). If you're looking for custom made goalkeeper gloves, we have your answer!




Are you looking to buy goalkeeper gloves online? We have what you need. Want to learn how to extend the life of your goalkeeper gloves? Read our blog post on goalkeeper glove care to learn how to wash goalkeeper gloves, take care of goalkeeper gloves, and much more! Are you looking for custom goalkeeper gloves? Our glove customization process is FREE. Need help figuring out goalkeeper glove sizing? Check out our goalkeeper glove size guide on our gk blog now!

Pivot Maize

$59.99 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
Save 20%, get new gloves every month min. 2-cycle commitment
$39.99every month until canceled
Bi-Monthly Sub
Save 15%, get new gloves every other month min. 2-cycles
$42.49every 2 months until canceled
Quarterly Sub
Save 10%, get new gloves every 3 months min. 2-cycle commit
$44.99every 3 months until canceled
    • Questions or inquiries regarding returns/refunds can be directed to our customer service representative at:
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