Sometimes you just have to Pivot!  Designed and tested by professional goalkeepers to bring you the most comfortable and high performing goalkeeper glove.  Check out the details below:


- All-weather black German contact latex highlights the palm of this glove. It gives you the stickiest possible grip in all weather conditions. A quick pre-wash before the first use and subsequent washes afterwards will keep the palm sticky and durable!


- Similar to the Pivot Gold, this reverse/negative cut is ideal for goalkeepers looking for a snug fit around the palm and base of the fingers with a little bit more flexibility at the tips of the fingers.  The mesh on each finger as well as in between the thumb/index allows for optimal finger movement. These gloves do not feature removable finger protection. The roll finger on the thumb will give you the most control while gripping the ball!


- Supersoft 3MM latex makes up the majority of the backhand.  It is extremely comfortable and aids in the snug fit around the backhand/palm.


- A simple yet effective simple wrist strap w/gel tab has been added to give a secure fit on the wrist.  We expanded the velcro area to give you more decision on how tight or how loose you would like to strap your glove!


- Free glove customization is available! (No returns are available once gloves are customized)

Pivot Maize

    • Questions or inquiries regarding returns/refunds can be directed to our customer service representative at:
    • Sizes 6-11
    • Washing your gloves on a regular basis will extend the life of your gloves.
    • All-weather, all-surface glove.
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