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Goalkeeper's New Year Resolutions: 4 Must-Do's to Start 2024 on the Strong Foot.

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The clock struck midnight on December 31st, a new year dawned, and the siren song of fresh starts whispered in every athlete's ear. For goalkeepers, 2024 promises clean sheets, heroic saves, and maybe even that coveted starting spot. But the road to glory begins not with champagne toasts, but with meticulous planning and preparation. So, ditch the confetti and grab your gloves, because this post is your roadmap to kicking off the year as a keeper to be reckoned with. These are the best goalkeeper tips that will help you reach your highest level.

1. Set Goals That Make You Uncomfortable

Aim for the stars and land in the clouds. That motto can lead you to infinite amounts of success. Too often, athletes are afraid to set goals for fear of failure. Embrace being uncomfortable. Relish in the unknown journey to reach heights you've never experienced before. The journey may be difficult, and riddled with bumps along the way, but the end result will definitely be worth it. Goals are the GPS of your season, guiding you through grueling drills and late-game jitters. Forget generic resolutions like "be better"; instead, craft SMART goals.

  • Specific: "Become the team's top shot-stopper with an 85% save percentage."

  • Measurable: "Improve diving reflexes by reducing reaction time by 0.5 seconds."

  • Attainable: "Master catching crosses within the six-yard box by January 31st."

  • Relevant: "Develop commanding presence by communicating effectively with defenders."

  • Time-bound: "Sharpen distribution skills with 45-meter throws accurate to within 5 meters by March 1st."

Books, like Atomic Habits or The Champion's Mind, can help you start to figure out how to go through the goal-setting process. It is essential to be prepared for success and one of the best ways to prepare is to have a specific roadmap. Having targets that you want to hit, which will push you outside your comfort zone, will not only help you as a goalkeeper but also as a human. The goals you create can help to keep you motivated during those tough goalkeeper training sessions or difficult games. Use that motivation to stay focused on your end result!

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2. Craft a Meticulous Training Schedule

Consistency is the key to success; it is your secret weapon. Dust off your goalkeeper training gear and map out a schedule that balances intensity with recovery. Prioritize skill-specific drills tailored to your goals. Need better footwork? Embrace agility ladders and cone drills. Hone reflexes with reaction drills using tennis balls or wall volleys. Master shot-stopping with realistic simulations (don't just go to the park and take shots from the top of the 18 for hours!). Don't neglect strength and conditioning; core workouts and explosive sprints build the power and stamina for crucial last-minute saves. Remember, rest is fuel, so schedule recovery days and listen to your body.

Goalkeepers are a different breed that require a different type of training. Oftentimes, goalkeepers are forgotten about in team training which requires many goalkeepers to get extra work in during goalkeeper training. Whether your club offers goalkeeper training or you get additional sessions in outside of your club, make sure your schedule is consistent and you have a plan for the activities that you are doing. Our Goalkeeper Academy provides the most consistent and comprehensive goalkeeper training in the Carolinas. We have an experienced coaching staff that also offers private individual and small group sessions as well. Get the best training available to help you reach your highest level!

3. Equip Yourself for Triumph

New year, new you! Make sure you start the year off by taking inventory of what goalkeeping equipment you have and what you may need. Do you have a pair of practice goalkeeper gloves and a pair of goalie gloves for games? Are they up to the standard that you need them to be? What goalkeeping apparel do you need to make sure you're ready for all weather; rain, sleet, snow, and heat. Make sure you're ready to perform and compete at the beginning of the year!

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Rusty gloves, worn-out cleats, and that moth-eaten jersey won't inspire confidence. Invest in your arsenal for success. Find the gk gloves that are most comfortable to you and offer the best grip as well as finger protection if that is what you are into.. Choose cleats designed for agility and explosive movements. Upgrade your training kit with moisture-wicking fabrics to keep you dry and focused. Don't underestimate the mental advantage of looking and feeling the part! Not sure about what exactly you may need? Don't worry, we have you covered. Look at our favorite recommendations for everything goalkeepers may need HERE.

4. Embrace The Mental Game

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Visualize success, master pre-game routines, and develop a growth mindset. A confident keeper is an unstoppable force! Goalkeeping is just as much a mental game as it is a physical one. You train your feet to be quicker and your hands to be sharper but many goalkeepers forget about one of the most important aspects; your brain! Learning good habits, how to react to mistakes, what to do when facing adversity, etc. There are plenty of great resources on the mental aspect of goalkeeping. We put together a comprehensive list of books that have helped plenty of goalkeepers navigate their youth, collegiate, and professional careers. You can also check out our mental strength guide which provides you plenty of great tips on becoming mentally strong!


Remember, champions aren't made on New Year's Eve; they're forged in the sweat and dedication of the months that follow. So, set your sights, map your goalkeeper training, and equip yourself for greatness. 2024 is your year to own the box, one save at a time. Go out there and make it your personal fortress!

Check out the rest of our goalkeeping blog to get more great goalkeeping articles. We also have plenty of free goalkeeping resources on our website, like downloadable pdfs and podcast interviews. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.


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