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We have a wide variety of goalkeeper gloves in our online shop. From hybrid-cut goalkeeper gloves to negative-cut goalkeeper gloves and more. Check out our entire line now!

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The Locus Pro

These are the originals! Our professional-quality hybrid-cut goalkeeper gloves feature the best German contact latex on the market, removable finger protection, and a specially-designed punching zone for maximum control. 


An absolute fan-favorite that you have to try! The Prime Focus Cyclone provides German quality latex of the highest caliber, a mix of roll and negative cut, and removable finger protection to help protect from injury. 

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Our Prime Focus Pivot goalkeeper gloves are our flagship negative-cut line of gloves. They feature the best German latex you can find, an adjustable wrist strap for comfort, and a sleek design!

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We like to keep it simple but effective.

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If you take care of your gloves, they will take care of you. 

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