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Summer College Goalkeeper Training!

in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area.

Calling all Charlotte area collegiate goalkeepers! Are you ready to transform your game and dominate your conference this season? Prime Focus Goalkeeping's summer college training program is designed to do exactly that. We offer a unique and intensive training experience specifically designed to take goalkeepers from all collegiate levels to the next level.

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Elevate Your Game This Summer

Our program is led by a team of experienced and passionate goalkeeper coaches with a proven track record of success in the Charlotte area. We have a deep understanding of the college game and what it takes to excel as a goalkeeper at this level. Our curriculum is specifically designed for college goalkeepers, focusing on the technical skills, tactical awareness, and mental toughness required to thrive in the collegiate game.

What You'll Get

  • Consistent Training Environment: Benefit from a dedicated training environment throughout the summer. 

  • Small Group Training: Train alongside a dedicated group of goalkeepers in a small group setting. 

  • Enhanced Technical Skills: Sharpen your shot-stopping, diving, and handling techniques under the guidance of our expert coaches.

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