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Goalkeeper's Mentality: My Fuel For Success!

I wouldn’t say there is just one thing that fuels my motivation for success. An obvious response would be the failures I have experienced in my career push me towards success, and to a large extent that is true. As a goalkeeper, you’re taught to have a short-term memory. You never truly forget goalkeeping errors (see below) but the successful keepers don’t let their past failures affect their future performances. This is true both on and off the field. You can’t allow the past lows in your life to keep you from reaching your full potential; it’s all about learning and growing from those low points so that you can develop into the person

(goalkeeper) you are meant to be.

Walking towards success

Not only do my past failures push me towards success, my desire to prove myself right keeps me very motivated. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities, whether it’s in goal or just life in general, is one of the major keys to success in life. It’s important to have goals, take risks, and do what is necessary to prove that you are capable of more than you ever thought you were. This is what truly motivates me. Pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and beyond the limits that I previously believed were imposed upon me. No one should believe in you more than you.

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