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The idea for Prime Focus Goalkeeping came about in the summer of 2016. The motivation behind the company is simple; I wanted to create a brand that designed and created gloves that goalkeepers of all levels could feel confident in. Over the years, I’ve realized how important the mental side of the game is and one critical piece of your mental preparation for competition is the tools you use to help you compete. I’ve worked with various glove companies throughout my career and the one thing that has remained consistent is the confidence I feel when putting on a high-quality pair of gloves. Top-quality gloves can never replace the hours you put in on the training ground to really hone your skills but, from my experience, they can give you the extra mental edge needed to keep things clean in your 18-yard box.

So why create Prime Focus Goalkeeping? The answer is simple; it took me 26 odd years to realize the importance quality gloves can have on my performance and now I want kids of all ages to be able to experience that level of confidence as well. No matter what level of competition, the common thread between quality performances on a consistent basis is always the level of confidence a goalkeeper has. For me, you shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to have access to top-quality gloves. Whether you’re just starting out as a goalkeeper and unsure of your abilities or you’re a professional grinding every day to reach the highest level possible, you need to be assured in the gloves you put on to help you perform. The goal is to provide high-quality gloves and apparel to goalkeepers at every level of the game at an affordable cost.

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