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Goalkeeper professionalism w/ LA Galaxy goalkeeper Alan Solorio.

Alan Solorio LA Galaxy training
Alan Solorio in training with LA Galaxy

It's always exciting to speak with young goalkeepers. LA Galaxy II goalkeeper Alan Solorio took some time to talk to us about his transition from college to professional soccer and everything that entails. He also shares some great advice about goalkeeper glove care throughout the season. Take some time to read the full interview below!

1. Growing up in southern California, what got you interested in soccer? Was soccer a big part of your family life?

Growing up soccer was always a big part of my life. I grew up with a ball at my feet and it

hasn’t left me ever since. My dad was my biggest influence when it came to soccer. He

played professionally overseas for 2 years and was the reason I became a goalkeeper like


Alan Solorio Cal State Dominguez Hills
Alan Solorio with Cal State Dominguez Hills

2. You are a Development Academy product, having played with Pateadores. How did that experience and level of play prepare you for college soccer?

Playing at Pateadores really helped me take my game to the next level. Working under

an amazing coach like Teddy Chronopoulos helped me understand the game more and

prepare me for my next step.

3. You played two seasons at Cal-State Dominguez Hills, how was that experience? What went into your decision to leave school early?

My freshman year at Cal State Dominguez Hills didn’t go as I planned but it helped me

mature. Although I ended up redshirting my freshman year, and it came to an early end

due to covid, I learned a lot under 2 great coaches, Eddie Soto and Juan Cervantes. Both

worked with the men's beach national team. Ever since I was little I wanted to be a

professional soccer player. Before I started my freshman year of college, I set a goal that by

the age of 22 I wanted to be in the MLS or USL. When the opportunity came to be a

part of an organization as big as LA Galaxy, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me up.

4. What has the transition into professional soccer been like? How is it different from your transition from youth soccer to college soccer?

The transition into the professional environment wasn't as easy as I expected. There

was a lot of professionalism I had to learn. It’s very different than going from high school to

college because at this level there’s always people working 10x harder to try and get

your position.

Alan Solorio soccer goalkeeper MLS USL
Alan Solorio joins LA Galaxy II.

5. As one of the younger players in the LA Galaxy system, what have you learned from some of the older, more experienced players? How does that help you in training every day?

Since I’ve joined LA Galaxy, older players have given me great advice. The most

important thing is to build good relationships with your teammates and coaches as well

as when you come onto the field give your everything because there’s always someone

behind you chasing your spot.

6. Who were some of the goalkeepers you looked up to when you were younger? How did the impact your love for the position?

My biggest inspiration has to be my dad. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t be playing goalie,

let alone soccer. I’ll always have an emotional connection with my dad when it comes to

being a goalie.

7. How do you deal with goalkeeper glove rotation throughout the season? Practice and game pair?

Recently I’ve been trying out different gloves to find my right fit. I usually always have

about 3 pairs for practice and 2 for games. I try to get new pairs often because I do run

through a good amount.

Alan Solorio goalkeeper LA Galaxy
Alan Solorio in training with LA Galaxy

8. Do you have any superstitions with your goalkeeper gloves? Never wear the same gloves two times in a row? Put the right one on before the left one every time?

When it comes to my gloves on game day, I don’t have any superstition. But the day

before any game, I walk around my house wearing my gloves for 30 minutes

9. What is the best advice you've received as a soccer player?

The best advice I’ve ever gotten from anyone regarding soccer was “every time you step

on that field, play like it’s your last because you never know when that’ll be.”

10. Last but not least, Venice Beach or Manhattan Beach?

Going based off the beach itself it had to be Manhattan, but the liveliness at Venice

beach is unmatched.


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