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Goalie Glove Review: Are these the Ultimate Hybrid Cut Goalkeeper Gloves?

Hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves blue

The Prime Focus Goalkeeping Cyclone goalkeeper gloves bring a promise of professional quality at an affordable price, and after putting them through their paces, it was important to sit down and dissect the goalie gloves.. From experience, and customer reviews, they offer a surprisingly good package for the budget-conscious keeper. Learn more about them below!

The Cyclone gk gloves feature the highest quality German latex that you can find on the market. This German Contact latex lives up to its name, providing sticky control in dry and wet conditions. Don't believe it? Check out THIS VIDEO to see just how sticky these hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves are. Don't get it wrong, goalkeepers shouldn't be relying on the stickiness of their goalkeeper gloves to catch the ball but high-quality latex definitely helps. For the price point, you won't be able to find better latex on goalie gloves; it's commendable. The hybrid roll finger/negative cut hugs your hand like a second skin, enhancing feel and ball control. However, be warned, the fit runs a bit small so pay attention! The removable finger protection also causes these gk gloves to be a bit tighter than the normal fit. Not to worry though; once you take the finger protection out, it gives you a little more finger flexibility.

Blue hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves

On the pitch, the Cyclones provide great agility and flexibility. The strategically placed mesh on the backhand and flex zones allow for excellent freedom of movement. Again, these goalkeeper gloves become a bit more flexible when you remove the finger protection. Durability is really a sticking point for these goalie gloves. If taken care of properly, they hold up well during regular training sessions and games, on both turf and grass. All gk gloves are going to show signs of wear and tear, depending on the type of goalkeeper that is using them, but these goalkeeper gloves are made with premium materials that really extend the life of the Cyclone goalie gloves.

The Cyclones boast a sleek and stylish white and blue design that stands out on the field. The palm features all white latex with the brand phrase "Stay. Focused.", adding a touch of personality. Overall, the aesthetic is modern and appealing. Value for money is undeniably the Cyclones' strongest point. At their price, they offer significantly more performance than you'd expect from cheap goalkeeper gloves, making them a great option for goalkeepers of every age. Professionals throughout the United States wear them. College programs outfit their goalkeepers with them. Youth goalies across the country proudly represent the brand.

Prime Focus Cyclone goalkeeper gloves explanation

The Prime Focus Cyclone goalie gloves are a solid choice for goalkeepers seeking affordability, performance, and comfort. They might not be the cut of goalkeeper glove that you prefer, but they offer excellent value and a reliably capable grip. Check them out for yourself!

  • Affordable price

  • Sticky German Contact Latex

  • Negative cut for close feel

  • Flexible mesh for freedom of movement

  • Stylish design

  • Runs half a size smaller

  • Removable finger protection makes the goalie gloves feel a bit tight

  • Only comes in one color

Overall Amazon Rating: 

5 out of 5 stars

Customer Reviews: 

"These have been some of the best gloves I’ve purchased. The grip is amazing, and durability has been good as well (I’m a couple months in, playing 2-3 times a week on turf, without much wear yet). Definitely would buy again." - Mark Baker

Hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves

"My son play’s JV and is tough on gloves - most have a very short life but we made the switch to the Cyclone and they have been excellent - comfortable, durable and confidence building!" - Ani Bashian


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