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Top 10 Must-Have Holiday Gifts for Goalkeepers

Gifts for goalkeepers

This year, we thought it would be a great idea to put together a comprehensive list of essential products that all goalkeepers need or could use to help them on their soccer journeys. We know that buying gifts can be hard, especially at the last minute, so we put together our top 10 must-have items that will make your goalkeeper happy this holiday season and beyond!

Youth goalkeeper gloves gifts for goalkeepers

This has to be the most obvious one, right?! Every goalkeeper needs to have certain essentials in order to perform and goalkeeper gloves are at the top of the list. It can be difficult to decide which goalie gloves are the best fit for your goalkeeper but don't worry, we have you covered! We have a sizing guide that helps you navigate how to figure out the best fit for your goalkeeper. Next, you have to figure out what type of goalkeeper gloves they like. These days, there can be an overwhelming amount of options. Negative gut goalkeeper gloves, hybrid cut goalkeeper gloves, roll finger goalkeeper gloves, flat palm goalkeeper gloves, etc. All of these different options can lead to decision paralysis. Again, DON'T WORRY! We have you cover once more. One of our recent blog posts outlines everything you need to know about the different cuts of goalkeeper gloves. Maybe you want to surprise your favorite goalkeeper or maybe they need to figure out which type of goalie glove is best for them; either way, give it a read and then get to shopping! We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly goalkeeper glove subscriptions so you can have a fresh pair of goalie gloves consistently when you need them.

Adidas soccer cleats gifts for goalkeepers

This one may not be as obvious but soccer cleats are just as essential for goalkeepers as goalkeeper gloves. It would be extremely difficult for a goalkeeper to perform without these. Just like goalkeeper gloves there are A TON of options when it comes to soccer cleats; and every goalkeeper will have their preference on which brand or what type of cleats they like. You also have to consider the surface thatt your goalkeeper is playing on consistently. Most youth goalkeepers train and play on turf a lot so firm ground cleats can be more beneficial. There are also soft ground options as well if you happen to play on grass more often. We've put together a list of affordable soccer cleat options that we think your goalkeeper would love!

Grip socks gifts for goalkeepers

Nothing goes better with soccer cleats than some socks. You might be asking yourself, "why would my goalkeeper be excited about getting socks as a gift?". Trust us, your goalkeeper will want these socks. Oftentimes, players don't like their cleats to be too tight which leaves room for your feet to move inside of them. This can start to impact your ability to move efficiently and effectively around the goal. These grip socks are quickly becoming more and more popular amongst soccer players and your goalkeeper will be no different. LUX Sports is one of the leading brands in the affordable grip sock market and these are socks that many of our professional goalkeepers have used for a while.

goalkeeper sweatshirts gifts for goalkeepers

This is a MUST, especially as we head into the late November, December, and January training months. The temperatures are going to drop but your goalkeeper is still going to want to get out on the pitch to train. It is vital that you provide them with the proper apparel to stay warm and perform at their highest level. You can check out our recent blog post on winter training essentials but here is a list of some winter training apparel necessities for your goalkeeper:

There is nothing that is worse for goalkeeper gloves than to be stuffed inside a backpack flippantly after a long training session or game. It can be frustrating for goalkeepers when they go to pull out those gloves for the next session and they are cold, wet, stinky, and uninviting. Why not help your goalkeeper organize their soccer bag, and take better care of their goalie gloves, by getting them a dedicated goalkeeper glove bag. Having a bag for your gk gloves will help keep them separated from all the other mess in your soccer bag. Adidas makes a really reliable glove bag that can fit multiple pairs of goalie gloves!

Goalkeeper taping finger gifts for goalkeepers

This can be a really essential gift for goalkeepers, especially in the cold months where balls seem extremely hard and fingers are extremely rigid. Taping up your fingers can be an extra layer of protection to help prevent pesky jams or dislocations. If you're unsure about how to tape your fingers, check out this video that we made earlier this year to give you a quick tutorial. Once you've figured that out, you can find some good tape to use HERE.

Massage gun for athletes gifts for goalkeepers

Recovering in-between training sessions and games is VITAL for goalkeepers to perform at their highest level consistently. We recently put out a blog post explaining some of the best methods of recovery for goalkeepers. Some of these methods are as simple as stretching (basic, we know!) but there are also some great tools that can help accelerate recovery that your goalkeepers can take to training or use at home. Check them out below:

soccer rebounder gifts for goalkeepers

It is come to that time of year where youth soccer clubs take a break from their regular training schedule which means your goalkeeper has to figure out a way to stay sharp. Many goalkeepers head out to the field, either by themselves or with friends, to try to get some extra work in. Too often, goalkeepers go out there without a plan and end up standing in goal while their friends rifle shots at them nonstop. If you want to get the most out of your individual training, we've got a list of key items for you to utilize which will help you maximize your time:

Good to great gifts for goalkeepers

We know; reading typically isn't popular amongst the younger generation of goalkeepers but we promise you that the books we've recommended are both captivating reads and beneficial to your goalkeeper's career. Our recent blog post outlining the top five books we recommend every goalkeeper read has a great list but we also have a more expansive list HERE. Motivating your goalkeeper to address the mental side of sports can be a huge differentiator in their journey to success.

Is there a better way to help your goalkeeper improve than to get them some additional goalkeeper training? We think not but we may be a bit biased. You can check out all of the goalkeeper training options we have for Charlotte, NC and the surrounding area on our website now. We have our Goalkeeper Academy which works with goalkeepers ages 8-18 providing consistent weekly group goalkeeper training sessions. We also offer private individual and group sessions with the most experienced goalkeeping staff in Charlotte! Grab your goalkeeper a bundle package for academy or private training or you can take a look at our monthly academy membership package which offers you the most comprehensive training plan at an incredibly affordable price. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us and we will gladly give you all the information you need!

youth goalkeeper training gifts for goalkeepers


This is the most comprehensive guide to use when thinking about gifts for goalkeepers. Our recommendations are curated by youth, college, and professional goalkeepers who have years of experience playing the position. As always, you can get more information about our brand on our website or you can check us out on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest. Stay tuned for more great articles coming soon!


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