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What Are Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves?

fingersave goalkeeper gloves

When buying goalkeeper gloves, one of the biggest questions to think about is whether you should get fingersave keeper gloves or not. Fingersave spines can be very beneficial when trying to prevent injury during goalkeeper training and games. This article will do a deep dive into the world of goalkeeper finger protection and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What are fingersaves?

When talking about finger protection, there are a lot of terms used to refer to the "sticks" that are placed in the goalkeeper gloves to help ward off injury. Fingersaves, finger sticks, finger protection; these are all terms relating to the additions in each finger on the backhand of the goalie gloves. These finger protection mechanisms are places in the backhand of the goalkeeper glove give the goalkeeper added protection against injuries to the fingers. Typically, each finger, excluding the thumb, is equipped with an individual insert. Many high-quality goalkeeper gloves allow for the complete removal of these inserts, or at least partial removal for certain fingers, allowing you to customize the level of protection you desire.

When to use finger protection?

If you are a goalkeeper that tends to jam their fingers, or even dislocate them, utilizing finger protection can be really beneficial for you. After sustaining a hand injury, wearing finger protection in goalie gloves is highly recommended. Injured hands and fingers are vulnerable to further damage due to weakness and overstretching. By wearing fingersaves, you can safeguard your hands during training and games which will help facilitate the recovery process. Therefore, it is advisable to use finger protection as a tool for injury recovery and rehabilitation.

It can also be a good idea to use fingersave keeper gloves for youth goalkeepers who are just getting started with the position. A lot of times, these young goalkeepers don't have the proper catching technique and their fingers can be extra vulnerable to injury given their lack of technique. There are plenty of cheap goalkeeper gloves with finger protection for youth goalkeepers, like our range of Locus Pro goalie gloves. These goalkeeper gloves will also help your goalkeeper to naturally shape their hands in a good catching position. Determining whether you need goalkeeper gloves with finger protection depends on a number of different factors so it is always advisable to try them out to see how they feel.

fingersave keeper gloves

Glove flexibility

There are pros and cons to wearing fingersave goalkeeper gloves. We've gone over the protection that these inserts can provide for your fingers. They can also provide extra support when making fingertip saves. With the added inserts in the backhand of the fingers, these finger protection sticks also tend to make the goalkeeper gloves tighter when may be uncomfortable for some goalkeepers. It can limit the flexibility and movement of your hand inside of the glove which is something that certain goalkeepers may not prefer.

On the opposite side of things, if the fingersave spines in your goalkeeper gloves are removable then you have the flexibility to use them or not. If you want to protect your fingers, especially after injury, then you can add them into the gloves. If you feel like they spines are a bit too tight and you don't need them anymore, then the goalkeeper gloves still operate just fine without them. Buying gloves, like negative cut fingersave goalkeeper gloves, with removable finger protection gives you the flexibility to do both.


In conclusion, it is all about what you feel most comfortable with. There isn't any harm in testing out goalkeeper gloves with finger protection to see how they feel when you train. Finger protection in goalkeeper gloves serves as a valuable feature, particularly for goalkeepers who are often injured. Head over to our online shop to check out our entire range of goalkeeper gloves with fingersaves. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us! You can find us on our social media pages at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest as well! You can also head over to our resource page to see what other great goalkeeping content we have for you.


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